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It all started with a smoker…

My name is Jonathan Lewis and I was born and raised in Asheville, NC. I have deep family roots here in WNC that go way back. I have lived and loved the BBQ scene here all my life and I want to give you all an opportunity to try my unique twist I have added to the sauce scene.

When I moved to Culpeper, VA, I missed the barbecue that I had back home in the Asheville & Hendersonville area. Back in 2007, I got my first smoker and I was determined to teach myself the process and develop the right recipes. I first introduced my barbecue to friends at a neighborhood block party I helped get started. I also started making it for people at work for the shift I was working on to share love for BBQ. I moved back to Asheville back in 2016 and after my family got settled in I decided to start selling my BBQ on Facebook in March of 2017 to reconnect with old friends, teachers and coaches out of my garage. After that, the popularity in my BBQ has continued to grow as well as my sauce collection with several different flavors.

Garage BBQ offers a flavorful, juicy and smoky pulled pork butt and a wide arrange of sauces to choose from. My coleslaw is homemade and is a perfect topping for a pulled pork sandwich or just by itself. I’ve been selling it out of my garage like an underground BBQ drug lord and now I am ready to go public with it by selling it out of a food truck


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